We are more than a barber shop. We are a way of life!

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Before I style my first head, I think a few decades ahead. What styles transcend time? Would people still love my style of cuts fifty years into the future? Will I offer cuts and shaves for a colony on Mars? Saturn? Or beyond? To create something new, yet timeless is my mission. Connecting and uplifting people while doing it is my passion. I give nods to more classic cuts and styles, but apply a certain African-futurist-funk element to everything I touch. Above all, my craft is about honoring your unique expression. This is grooming for the person of tomorrow.

My father Hasan (or Rock) and I.

My father Hasan (or Rock) and I.


Intrakit Styles

More than a barber shop.

It's a lifestyle.

I am a Louisiana native, born and raised in Kenner. My journey and legacy are of hard work, success and survival. I am the descendant of Kings and Queens, inventors, scientist, historians, slaves, revolutionaries, educators, entrepreneurs, loving, dedicated parents and siblings. All I now extended to my lovely, devoted wife and four beautiful children. At 22 years old, I began my barber apprenticeship and spent the last 20 years becoming a master of my craft.  So let's look at why there is a need for Intrakit Styles barbershop in our community. 

The first black-owned barbershops catered exclusively to white men, ran by either slaves, “waiting men” or by freedmen and were competition for white barbers. It was illegal for a black barber to give any man of color a shave or haircut using the same instruments used on a white man.  Then after Emancipation, Jim Crow laws were introduced to offset any freedoms granted to the freed Americans and overnight it became mandatory for all barbers to have licensing.  So just as blacks were granted wages for labor and access to education,  we were stripped of livelihoods and forced out of shops to work out of kitchens, garages and yards.  Most importantly, born was the first black own barbershop catering to all people.

Intrakit Styles is a continuation of that history and legacy. We are a family owned business, deeply rooted the health, well-being of and how we can help our community and the betterment of its people. Our licensed barbers and cosmetologists professionally provide detailed grooming services tailored and catered just for you and your lifestyle. Ask about our different membership, loyalty rewards programs, military and school discounts.  We support our community! Let us know what you're involved in and let's see how we can join forces.  

We are more than a barber shop. We are a way of life.




















Current collection

With climate change upon us, it’s vital to prepare environmentally conscious hairstyles that can adapt to the mercurial  weather. I present to you a sample of my style collection for 2016.



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